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Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury Testing for Auto Injuries

About Our Technology

Brain Scans

TBI3 is an FDA cleared oculomotor and oculo-vestibular assessment to give providers objective data regarding the results of TBI and backed by 15 years of clinical research. We record and analyze eye-tracking impairment associated with TBI by measuring how well the brain reacts to a visual stimulus.


Tracking a patients' eye positions while following a moving target, particularly in circular motions, measures spatial and temporal orientation and synchronization of the eye with the target.


What we see in concussion patients with impaired dynamic orientation is that the eyes will  jump ahead to where the target is anticipated to be. These jumps are a sign of dis-inhibition, a well-known consequence of traumatic brain injury. The dis-inhibition in controlling predictable eye tracking is likely a consequence of damage to cerebellar-frontal fibers projections to the prefrontal cortex from shearing forces as the brain undergoes rapid rotational acceleration/deceleration.

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